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Ergonomic Assessments
and Accommodation

As a member of the Canadian Association Ergonomists (ACE), David MacDonald realizes the importance of having healthy employees who can focus on their tasks rather than being distracted by discomfort.

Fit the workstation to the worker

An employee's interaction with the working environment is critical. Quite often, a workstation has been designed in such a way that the individual has to adapt their body and work habits to the limitations of their physical environment. We believe that this is putting the focus backwards. The environment should accommodate individual. A healthy worker is a productive worker. Usually, this can be done easily and inexpensively.

We have provided computer workstation ergonomics to organizations like the Canadian Space Agency, the RCMP, Health Canada, The Canadian Construction Association, and Industry Canada.

We also provide ergonomic assessment's for individuals whose physical or cognitive requirements are outside the 95th percentile (low vision, blindness, physical disabilities etc.) We provide creative solutions for individuals who have needs distinct from those we see in traditional ergonomics. We are a regular service provider for the Canadian Council on Rehabiliation and work in Ottawa, Kingston, Montreal, and in several western cities.