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About E-Ramp Inc.

E-Ramp helps techies to integrate e-ramps into technology environments

The integration of ramps into our physical environment have resulted in access to places previously unheard of for people using wheelchairs - not to mention simple access to the retail store on the next block. What is required, and is happening - although much too slowly - is the integration of "eramps" into our technology environments to reduce and eliminate barriers to employment and career opportunities. So far, much accessibility has been accomplished by self-empowerment, legislation, policy changes, issue awareness, and other means. However, the sad fact is that despite the best efforts of senior executives, managers, legislators, advocators, human resources professionals, employment equity co-ordinators, and everyone else concerned about fostering diversity in the workplace - including the very people who are most affected - the cycle of accidental systemic discrimination continues.

The simple fact is that the key to the next stage of modern initiatives in the area of accessibility and diversity in the workplace lies with the architects and managers of technology environments. That is where the real opportunities lie for creating more flexible and accessible work environments for everyone - especially persons with disabilities.

Eramp specializes in using Microsoft tools and technologies to promote and facilitate diversity in the workplace... specifically by creating work environments that are more accessible, flexible, and humane for everyone - especially disabled people