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Finding the Name Role, Value using the Inspect Tool

The Microsoft inspect tool is useful to find out if the name, role, and value of a JavaScript object is correct. Here's how to use th Object tool. Download the Microsoft Active Accessibility 2.0 SDK to install it.


Recommended configuration:

  1. Options Menu:
    1. Unset Watch Cursor (performance and allows to test tab order because only keyboard focus works afterwords)
    2. Show Highlight Rectangle (helps find missing focus rectangle by clearly showing focus separately)
    3. Show information tooltip. This is useful for single screens as it shows the required information in a tooltip on top of your webpage.
  2. Settings Menu:
    1. In the list of "Diplay in main windows" select Name, Value, Role and State only.
    2. Required if using Information Tooltip: select Name, Value, Role and State only.
  3. Usage:
    1. Tab through a web page or embedded object,
    2. Check if there is a name property
    3. If there is a name property, check if it matches the appropriate label.

      If 2 and 3 are true this is a pass, all else fails.